Friday, July 25, 2008

Long time no blog!

Wow, lots of stuff happened so fast, and although no one reads this, I figured I'd update it anyway in case I'm famous someday and they need records of how awesome I am.


Anyway, on June 27th I was walked out of Dell with the rest of my remaining collegues in the XPS queue. The last day, which was actually the 26th as the 27th we simply returned to get our walking papers, was a half day with a catered party. Lone Star Restaurant provided some awesome fajitas for the farewell.

Well, now I had a lot of time to do stuff on FF! Oh, yea, and apply to jobs. Yea, definitely apply to jobs. I'll come back to that.

For Final Fantasy, I joined a new shell for events, Coast2Coast, run by a buddy from WhatTheHell, Shinyiu. Shin's a great guy, and the shell is fun when he, or my other buddies I've met through other shells, are on. Most of the time I sort of feel on the outside of the group since I'm new. So I spend more time in WoA than C2C for chatting, and what not.

C2C is highly active, and I and Bratia got swept up in it, completing up to 8-2 in rank missions and 3-5 in CoP. We also helped out as many people as we could, and I got to try to kite Chardy (failing miserably) so that we could claim for an LS member in need of a JoyToy.

Meanwhile, BST finally got some major loving, and crept up to 71. I also finally completed the AF for it and for NIN.

So, back to my job situation. On my little holiday, I was hired by Protectron, a large security/alarm company in Canada. I'll be moving into a tech support role there as soon as training is done.

So life, as it stands now, is VERY good!