Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Family" Day in Ontario

So Ontario had it's very first "Family Day" statutory holiday, which just happened to coincide with President's Day in the U.S. Because the holiday was rushed out, there was a lot of confusion. Specifically about who was allowed to be open.

See, this is what irks me. There are no holidays for the average working man or woman. A holiday about families being together, and the only families that get it are the government employees. The average working family winds up having to serve them in one respect or another.

When did our society become so obsessed with never stopping? When I was a kid (which was not that long ago), on Sundays most everything had shorter hours or wasn't open. and holidays? Forget shopping! Holidays nothing was open.

Now we live in a society where we can never stop. 24 hour shops, open all holidays including Christmas. Go go go, buy buy buy. Whatever happened to just being with your family on a nice day, with a little homemade meal and some movies you got recently. Or, frightening enough, what about even talking to one another.

Sometimes I think the entire world needs a reality check.

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