Friday, October 17, 2008

Even longer time, no blog!


Yea, totally forgot about this blog. Not like I have another or anything.

I just tend to play games more than I blog.

Shut up, so do you, you're just here because there's maintenance probably.

Anyway, time for more catch-up!

Finally got Beastmaster to level 75. Don't even ask how long it took. But now I use it to own NMs left and right. Got to love the ability to do stuff solo on a social-based co-operative game.

So, once I dinged 75... Kinda felt lost as to what to do. Didn't feel like meriting, mainly because it would mean avoiding what I need to do, which is get money in game to pimp out BST so it can replace my BLM in sky events...


Yea, I know, lolBST. In Sky. Shut it. Last night I saved our claim on Despot. Everyone was dying in our little 6-man group. I held it off long enough for Ara to get back up and hold it after it killed me. lolBST THAT!

Back to what to do after BST. I decided to level something else.

I know, you're shocked. Stunned. Pawk avoiding farming? And meriting? Impossible!

... So now my SMN is 42...

I got my Haku eyes as well, so now I have pop items for two NMs I'll never get to kill! Kidding. When Shin gets back I'm so totally doing that mob. I will beg him to go. I will sell my first born to him in exchange.

I picked up the expensive ingame item too: The Tidal Talisman. Look, a picture!

Expensive, yes. Cool, undoubtedly. And that pearl is not WoA, mainly because I am no longer active in WoA. A friend broke off and made a new shell, TeamFail. I know, name is SO appropriate. It's the rudest linkshell on the server I swear. We're so awful to each other. But all in good fun. I still haven't hung out much in C2C, but then I tend to play when both shells are not there. Like normally now.

I so hope you appreciate me taking time off my busy day to come here.

I could be farming... or meriting or...

Maybe I'll go for a walk instead.


Yea, that made me laugh too.

Protectron is going well. This week on, week off thing, it pretty much rules. Oh, and to mr. anon who is from there, Hi! No idea how you got here either. Not like it would be hard to figure out which person I am there. Just ask people if they play Final Fantasy XI.

It was the same at Dell too. I was alone as a FFXI player there, same will be true for there.

So, there you have it. In a nutshell I guess. Maybe I'll post here more often now.


Yea, no... we both know I'll be back in like a month with another of this long-ass posts. See you then!


Cristhian said...

hehe good timing for me to check back again.
Anyway if you need help with Ohat mob, let me know, maybe by then I'll have my own cluster O_o


Sukoti said...

Yeah, you'll have to catch me online, or use a third party to get ahold of me, but I'll help with hakutaku/any NM if you need extras.