Saturday, March 7, 2009

Memories - The Rough Cut

So I was digging through some old DVDs I burned, and found a collection of early videos I thought I had lost. I compiled some into a video and posted it on YouTube.

Since there is some stories behind the videos, I figured I'd post about it here, and link it in the description.

The first part is the very first recording I ever made. It lagged me so much that I had to stop recording and adjust my settings on FRAPs.

The second recording was a group of my old friends as lowbies just being silly on the Selbina ferry.

The third is my first and last party in the Dunes. In one party, Bratia and I went from I think level 12 to 20. Raexn, my old THF friend, was puller in the party, it was when we first met!

The next is a random fishing expedition, just tossed that in. Notice the lack of hunters and the mini game.

The following clip was the original LS I joined with, RPGElite, and the leader, Dstln, was leaving ; ; Miss those guys.

The Halloween parade comes next, it was such a totally random thing. I started walking down Lower Jeuno with Bratia on follow. And people started following us. Soon we had this huge parade going.

The last video segment is when my static completed GK3. Not such a big accomplishment these days, but we did it as a static, all 6 of us. It was rough, being too low to kill the NMs. And this was pre-despawn days, so if you caught aggro, it trained to the zone.

Funniest part was Ohtar misunderstood where to go, and wound up on the stairs, missing the ??? completely. We had to rescue him from up there, slowly tractoring him down while dodging mobs.

Ahh... the memories...


Cristhian said...

RPGE!!!! ;_;

I'll try and link ed and others to your video man.


Muligan said...

Ahh, the good ole days. I was just thinking about you and Brat last night actually. Wondering how you were doing. Glad to see you're doing well on FFXI at least.

Take care and thanks for the grin. =D