Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Journey Continues

Time for a history lesson and a bit of an explanation.

Back in 2005, I was a part of a linkshell called The Argonauts, and began using their customized GuildPortal website. While on there, I found that there was a blog feature. So, I started a blog.It was fun to write about my time in the game, and to share my memories of the game. As time moved on, I noticed some distinctly bad features, like how it rolls the posts off the main page, leaving your blog looking like, well, this. That combined with a lack of functions and an inability to post some forms of content lead me to creating this blog.

If you shoot a glance just to the right, you can see that I did a fair number of posts thereafter... and slowly left behind this blog. The major reason is the time it takes to actually write out one of these posts. I'd rather spend that time in a game or watching videos. The Internet is a visual, interactive medium, and the written word doesn't always hold a candle to the flashy animations of Flash or the simple hilarity in home-made YouTube videos.

So why did I post a video oddly devoid of commentary, then link it to a "dead medium" like a blog? Because the written word allows for contemplation and evaluation as you create your message. Because it gives people a resource to communicate back to me directly on an issue, or provide more feedback. And because I enjoy blogging.

I have done vlogs before, but I find the time limits restrictive sometimes, as there's more I want to say, or an idea I want to expand on. That's where the combination of the video into this blog comes in. Vlogs are quicker to do, and can be a great jumping off point for a blog entry. It can also show you visually what the blog describes textually.

I decided to start now because of the launch of Final Fantasy XIV. With a new world to explore, and new adventures to be had, it's the perfect time to start a new log of my adventures. I will also still be making videos of Final Fantasy XI as well, and they too will get posted here as well. I will still post videos to just YouTube, and likely make posts exclusively here, but expect, for a time at least, a combined blog/vlog here about the Ever Continuing Adventures of Pawkeshup!

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