Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why I quit being a Beastmaster

The thrill is gone.

That is pretty much the tl;dr of this post. I was once a career BST. I loved the job, and was excited to see Squeenix give it a major boost, even if they crippled what I found to be the most powerful tool in the BST’s arsenal. So what happened? How did improvements to a job I love make me hang up my axes?

I am no longer a special, unique snowflake!

Yea, yea, QQ more you will say. But it is true. In the days when I solo’d BST to 75, it was a mountain to climb. It was a challenge to be met. I take pride that my deaths aren’t astronomically high, yet I leveled BST solo. I learned so much about this game’s mechanics and about crowd control. I enjoyed the power and freedom BST afforded me.

And now all of that has been totally undercut.

M skills are transferrable, sure. My knowledge, my experience, but they are meaningless to the BST of today. Today, it’s simply buy the right jug, stock up on meds, and then set it and forget it. It takes no knowledge, no skill. Hell, I would be willing to bet I could go naked /NIN or /WHM to give me enough survivability to send in the chosen monster du jour, and then sit my ass, half AFK while I wait to see if I need to heal my pet.

Granted, there are still places where BST has to work, and has to fight, but really the challenge of being a BST is little more than farming gil. My axes help, as does any gear I acquire. But why invest time in a job when someone can burn it to 99 in 3 days and have the exact same power level as me? I felt gutted when I realized this. All my work was now undermined by simply giving BST power in a pot.
So what is there left?


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