Thursday, May 29, 2008

Awaiting the update

As the time grows near for the next version update of Final Fantasy XI, I can't help but wonder what the new changes will do for the game.

The moogle in Selbina is obvious: No more raise shouts. With so many people having leveled other jobs, you're bound to get someone in your party with raise on a sub job at the very least. That alone will eliminate the Dunes as I once knew it.

When I started, the dunes were the leveling area, no exceptions. Trains could stop everyone from leveling for a half an hour or more as people zoned in and drew the train back to everyone again. Parties were plentiful and awful. And the only way home was to walk.

Now players are on easy street, and I'm not mad about that. I'm disappointed they won't get the same experience I did. It made for some hilarious memories. However, the game should have been like this from the start. Often, the game feels like punishment, not a game. You'd spend hours trying to level and wind up losing experience points.

So why, then, are people still powerleveling? Still baffles me with all the ease of use of the dunes now that people even need powerleveling...

As for the new job abilities, I really don't see much in them except for PLD. The BRD ability is interesting I guess, but MNK sticking to just kicks? Huh? Who came up with that idea?

Were MNKs in forums all over saying, "My arms are getting tired, I want to just kick stuff!" Or, "Let me sacrifice my ability to attack up to three times to just kick at a mob instead." Granted, it looks cool when you kick but... still what the hell?!?

As for Campaign, totally disinterested in it. The long waits make it hard to keep my medals. Why they changed it, I have no idea. It was fine the way it was. Campaign was my favorite thing to do because it didn't take hours to find yourself in a heated battle. The EXP was a nice bonus, but not at all why I went. Now you sit for hours and wait at one location, or jump place to place trying to get into a battle. So I'm really not interested in higher medals.

The new merit additions are interesting as well, I guess. I don't merit much so... meh.

It will be interesting regardless.


Avenger said...

Trains made the game so much more exciting, never knowing what would be around the corner, or even if you would zone into an area alive. I miss the good ol' days.

Anonymous said...

oh the doomz....I miss them too. They are just not the same anymore. I am still amazed that I can get from sandy, to whitegate, to jeuno in less than 5 minutes. Sometimes I <3 easy street.