Monday, June 2, 2008


I am a big, fat, lazy pig, as Homer would say.

My wife saw some commercials for the hottest new Wii-ccessory, the WiiFit. It's basically a scale with attitude that is supposed to help you get into shape. Being the open-minded gamer I am, I managed to wrangle one (thanks entirely to my Dad running around in his small town and locating one when my large-scale city was out) and of course had to try it out.

I am way outta shape.

The games left me huffing, puffing, and coated in sweat. I did of course nearly get 4 stars (the best possible rating) on some of the more aerobic exercises. And for someone as out of shape as me, that's an accomplishment.

There has been some pretty harsh criticism of the WiiFit, stating that it cannot be a weight loss solution, and that some of its exercises are too easy. These people are missing the point. Weight across the nation is going up. People are less active. At this point anything that gets us moving is a good idea!

As for me, I intend on hopping on the WiiBoard tonight and continuing to get back into shape. I'll let you all know the results I get as I go along.

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