Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Age of Conan censorship

Holy crap!

So I got AoC for my birthday, and have quite happily been playing the game along with very little issue. Now I haven't updated to the latest patch yet (Final Fantasy needed patching first >.<), but apparently there's some issues with the patch.

Now, I went through the forums to read about this, and a strange thing began happening: Posts are vanishing.

The mods are censoring bad press.

I'm not shitting you.

If your post is negative and constructive, it will be deleted. If it's out and out retarded negative like "Funcom sucks", it will stay up to be flamed by fanbois who talk about how awesome the game is. What really shocked me is when one poster, CBozeman, stated that he canceled his account, and had selected Technical reasons. When he hit submit, it defaulted to Financial Reasons. I know, seems stupid right?

Here's the thing: This kind of data can be culled, formed and presented to investors to show that no one is quitting due to technical/support/other issues, that it's in fact the player's own issue with their inability to pay.

Big problem.

Without accurate data, there will be no pressure on the devs to get things fixed.

They deleted the post. The post was well written, informative, and there was no flame war per se. It was simply a "what the heck" kind of post. And the mods squashed it.

Now keep in mind there is no direct email support or phone support for them. There is no way to directly voice your concerns except in the forums. And they are squashing any attempt to do that.

Well, to that I say:

(Note how it changed my Support Issues to Financial issues as well)

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