Sunday, November 25, 2007

[Insert 70's/80's Dancer song reference here]

So, at long last, I got to dance. After openly bashing and being against the job when I learned of it... I actually liked it.

What? Oh...


The job is very fun. As a tarutaru, you look extremely cute doing your first dance, the Drain Samba. And then you find out what it does. And then you scream, and your mind runs nuts with the possibilities. Here's how it works:

I hit the mob long enough to gain at least 10 Tactical Points, then dance my Samba. As long as I remain hitting that mob,
anyone else in my party that hits it drains HP too! That's just crazy! I really enjoyed stabbing the mobs, it was quite fun.

What was not fun was the fact that my video card finally decided it had enough FFXI. Some of you may have seen on my YouTube page this video about when the first "warning" that my card was failing occurred. Well, now it's less of a warning and more of a too late, your card is hosed
kind of event. No, my character is not on acid. That's what happened. I added the music post production, my last video card broken video was so boring without something else added.

So I determined how to connect my XBox 360 to my monitor till I can find parts.

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