Friday, November 30, 2007

Sooooo tired

When I get tired, my mind goes roaming for entertainment. I consider things that really make no sense. Like, for instance, how do you clean soap? Or would a sweater made entirely of dryer lint be completely immune to static electricity?

Sometimes I try to do something relatively serious. Normally it fails because I overlook some minor detail and suddenly I'm totally lost as to why the program I'm writing or the sandwich I'm making suddenly bursts into flames, literally. It's much more of a worry for my neighboring cubicles than me.

Then there are the times I am very introspective and contemplate the complexities of gravitational pull on stationary jars of mayonnaise. Or Miracle Whip. I prefer its tangy zip.

Did I have a point tonight? I think so. It's at the tip of my #2. He doesn't mind, he's a pinhead anyway.

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