Saturday, November 24, 2007

Issues of the Badness

Wings of the Goddess hasn't started out well for me. First, the PC edition was delayed (I still do not have it), then there were the updates and issues, then the registration server goes down when I managed to get copies for the XBox 360 and PS2.

But today, I got my first look at it. I haven't had time to sit down with it, but I did unlock both new jobs and got to run through the original zones spattered with a few new enemies. The mandies that follow you for no readily apparent reason is really hilarious. I intend on gathering them all from a zone, and going AFK/Bazaar next to the Cavernous Maw when I have something to sell.

Beyond that, I've been reading web comics. I have a fairly long list of ones I read on a regular basis. And every so often I find some gems I missed.

One of my favorites is Irregular Webcomics, a comic using shots of Legos and a copious amounts of nerd humor. It updates daily, and has never failed to make me laugh. Through his site, I discovered a now ended gem called DM of the Rings. It's a webcomic that shows what it's like to try to run a role-playing campaign with a table top game... if the players were running through The Lord of the Rings without ever knowing about it.

Part of me is inspired to do some form of FFXI web-based comic using the software mentioned in it. I enjoy doing stuff like that, as evidenced by my love for making YouTube videos. However, video editing is really time consuming, both in the creation and editing, and even in the rendering. I still have to do my Tribute to Hamburglar video.

I might see about bisecting this blog into a webcomic and a blog. It might be more interesting for all those people who come to read it. All... um....

Maybe I'll skip it and level Scholar instead.

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