Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why my blog's not pretty

A comment was made to me by Hamburglar, a friend from FFXI. He says my blog is boring because it lacks pictures and stuff. Well, he doesn't have a blog and he's a loser and he smells funny.

More seriously, I normally don't have access to the files I need when I blog, and when I do have access to them, I have no interest in spending the time to chop them up. However, I have been considering making an FFXI-based comic using screen shots and model viewer images. I know, it's been done, but I miss creative projects. Videos take too long to edit on my current machine. Or the software is bloated. Plus I really want Adobe Premiere. I want more creative tools. I feel so... trapped... by the lack of certain options like the ability to transform objects, or manipulate and transition videos in more unique ways.

I have never tried to make a comic, though the process fascinates me. I am craving some kind of creative outlet for the stories and images in my head, this might be a perfect opportunity.

Also I have a sick sense of humor, which should make it fun win or lose!


Avenger said...

I tried making a comic once, but I ran out of ideas after like two comics. It boggles my mind how some people can regularly put out quality comics a couple times a week.

Pawkeshup said...

That's my fear in doing it, hence my reluctance to take the dive.