Saturday, November 17, 2007

Warpga? F@$# YOU SE!

So they announced what they're gonna do for the job adjustments. And I am disgusted. As a longtime BLM, I've seen my job become more and more marginalized. Sure, we got AM II's, but they cost a ton of MP. And no one wants to wait for our MP anymore, they'd rather TP burn.

I had high hopes that the new expansion would return us to being seen as useful and needed. Not like Zilart or CoP, where we were ridiculously overpowerful in certain instances. I just wanted invites to events and parties again.

Well, it's not starting out well, let me tell you.

The new job adjustments look cool... except for BLM. Warriors will be given more ability to tank, and a new pulling/claiming move most likely. Paladin will be able to reflect damage with their shield. Red Mages will get spells to allow them to melee. Ranger will see a power boost in their ranged attacks. New songs for Bard, as well as being able to single out people for spells. Thief gets an emnity steal. Dark Knight gets new offensive spells. Blue gets new abilities from the new monsters. Dragoon's will see their wyverns gain more attacks. Ninjas get sneak and an enmity ability. Puppetmanster is going to get new weapon skills and attachments. Monk will get stances to fight more efffectively. White mage is getting their own sleep spell and more tele's.

What does BLM get?



That's it. Warpga. Only SAM is being nailed worse, getting some of their thunder taken due to the recent damage changes to two handed weapons. White mages might complain, but hell, they get sleep! That's another role BLM will not be needed for. Fantastic!

Thank you ever so SE. I hate you.

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