Friday, March 14, 2008

138,300,000 gil

That's what a Guttler will run me on Ramuh. Why I asked my Dynamis shell's administration what it would cost is beyond me, but honestly I've needed a goal for my time on the game. I have yet to get a second level 75 job, and given my lack of playtime I most likely will be waiting a long time for that.

So I have begun seeking some form of purpose for my in-game life. With Dynamis and Sky gone due to, again, my playtime, I need something to work for. I had thought to craft, but after returning, however briefly, to WoW, I cannot stomach the endless grind of crafting in FFXI. Same for fishing or getting my Lu Shang's Rod (however I haven't ruled that out yet).

For now I am leveling Dancer solo, which is enjoyable. I just reached 15, which means I have access to my first Waltz. I can see how attractive this job is, with the ability to heal myself on a quickly renewable resource.

For now, that is helping me to slowly build back to 200k, with small items I am gathering. How I will achieve the cash for this monumental feat is beyond me.

... Maybe I'll just stick to fishing.

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L.C.W. said...

Ah gils, how I miss thee. I miss thee in the drops and I miss thee in the claims. Now when I miss thee my tears fall like rains.