Monday, March 17, 2008

My name is Paul McKenna, and I can make you watch!

Two posts in a day~!!

I felt the need to post about this. Last night, my wife and I watched "I Can Make You Thin" on TLC. Admittedly, we could both lose some weight. I personally was 170 pounds when I interviewed for my current job, and I am now tipping the scales somewhere past the 210 pound mark.

My former employer was a very active food service job, while my current job is sitting in a chair answering calls. So I have definitely packed on the pounds, and after watching this program I do understand why.

I was one of those hated people who could eat anything and never gain a pound. My metabolism was of heroic proportions. I also did a lot of bike-riding, worked in a physical environment, and used to eat with a good degree of moderation. Now, according to Mr. McKenna, I am eating unconsciously, and numb to the natural biological urges within my body.

I'd have to say he has a point.

What McKenna proposes is not a diet, or another lose weight quick fix. He even says at the start of his show that it is not an infomercial. What he proposes is to just be a more animalistic, instinctual person. Say what you say? Well, I'm oversimplifying it but that's in essence what he is saying.

His four golden rules are:

-When you're hungry, eat
-Eat only what you want
-Eat consciously
-When you are full, STOP EATING

Very simple stuff, but all based on the normal survival instincts of the animal kingdom. You rarely see terribly obese Giraffes in the wild do you? Because they listen to what their body says. McKenna states, correctly, that we have begun to eat for reasons far beyond the need for actual nutrition. Because of that, we are growing fatter and fatter.

He proposes a simple life change: Eat Consciously. Basically, remove distractions, eat slowly, and taste what you eat. So I've decided to try that. However, one thing I've learned: It's really hard to chew peanut butter and grahm crackers 20 times, it gets rather pasty.

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