Friday, March 28, 2008

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Yes yes, I am many days late for this post to mean anything but I have now begun slowly collecting characters.

By the way, Pikachu is an evil little bugger! I love his moves. I can see why people hate him so.

For those reading the above statement and then scratching your head, let me summarize Brawl and why Pikachu is the cheapest character there. Brawl's premise is simply: Toss your opponent off-screen. Instead of traditional life bars, you have a damage percentage. The higher it goes, the higher you go. So the idea is to damage your opponent quickly and then use a move that will smash your opponent off the screen. The controls are brutally simple. You have one button for a regular attack, one button to perform a special attack, and a third to block attacks. By tapping your controller's arrow keys or analog stick, you can do other moves.

Now, Pikachu is extremely cheap for the following three reasons. One, his basic special, if you are damaged and standing too close, will punt you from the arena. If you're too far, it shoots this little spark forward which still knocks you backward. Two, he has this little human cannonball move... which can punt you from the arena. Finally, he can call a vertical bolt of lightning. Now, it can punt you off, but the bolt comes down from the top of the screen. And it can juggle you consistently upwards...

This is one evil electric rat!


Avenger said...

We'll have to have an LS brawl sometime.

Sukoti said...

I challenge soon as I get back to my home so I can get my codes. 0=)