Sunday, March 23, 2008

The web is FULL of talent

Today's blog is all about various online comics I read. Now I'm not going to go for the standard staples of CTRL+ALT+DEL, Penny Arcade, Sluggy Freelance, VG Cats or PvP. Most, if not all of those, are really commonly read. Most people are well aware of them, and if you are not I've linked them all up so you can visit them at your leisure. Instead, I want to focus on ones you may have missed in your surfing.

The first is actually a second comic from an artist whose original work I loved. The Phoenix Requiem is a comic by Sarah Ellerton, who also has a completed work called Inverloch. The art is stunningly beautiful, and the story is well written thus far. I suggest you check it out!

The next is also very well done, but definitely far more wacky. The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, written by Chris Hastings, is a hilariously random take on action comics. Based off of Hasting's forums posting name and some drawings, it has evolved into a multi-issue comic with a good amount of backstories.

Looking for Group is another great read. This one actually has a team creating it. It's a take-off on fantasy-based worlds, and is filled with inside jokes for gamers of all types.

The final comic is WTF Comics, as written by Jeremy Waller, is based off of Everquest, but still has a very relevant story for any lover of fantasy stories.

Have fun with the added reading!

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