Friday, March 21, 2008

The Continuing Adventures of Pocketshop??

Ok, I'll admit it, I've been neglectful of Pawkeshup recently. But let me settle up why right here.

Pocketshop was originally intended as a farming mule. Basically I planned on getting THF to 15 and farming around Gustaberg for money for Pawkeshup. This way I could keep her relatively clear of the immense item clutter I have and put her to good use. I already had a gardening mule (Cepago) who had been pressed into service growing tons of plants. I figured that eventually I'd do the same for a mule to craft as well, leaving Pawkeshup the glorious position of just leveling.

Well, the trick of farming is that you need space to farm. Plus my gear has continue to grow as time as gone on. I have a ton of weapons and armor scattered over my mules. Literally an arsenal of some degree, covering levels 1-65 in several jobs, mostly through versatile multi-job pieces. So I decided to go about expanding her space a bit.

When Aht Urgan came around, I had this great idea to get her access to there so I could get a mog locker. Pawkeshup, at the time, was getting plenty of imperial standing points from BLM burn parties and soloing, as well as the occasional RDM party. However, that turned out to be quite a great deal harder than I had expected it to be. See, to get access to the mog locker, you need to deliver supplies to an outpost. Sounds easy... until you realize that all the routes to the outposts are lined with deadly monsters. I chose one I thought, lacking any spell-casting ability, I could reach. I got a stack of powder and a stack of oil, and headed out.

So after I homepointed... I decided that I would need to make a decision. Did I want to keep chasing after more space for Pocketshop or forget it? I decided to pursue some added melee levels in hopes of getting strong enough to outrun the bad guys. I tried leveling whm on her, but it's painful after playing a Tarutaru with tons of mana.

But I continued to level in hopes of gutting out a run to an outpost. And then along comes Dancer. Dancer, a melee job that gets to cure itself and sneak and invis itself. And so I set to work at getting level 30 for Pocket to gain access to Dancer to allow me to go further with her.

Finally, after a while of intermittent leveling and a very kind power level from Anyka, Pocket made 30. And the next time I got on, I got Dancer as my first advanced job. Currently at 7, I'm gunning to get it to 30 as well. Partly so that I have all my skills and a healthy buffer to keep them, and partly so that I can do other quests.

To be honest, it's refreshing to have a character to mess around on who I can just leave geared to level whenever I want to. So as long as that's fun, Pocket will keep on leveling.

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